Line Capital is a Florida-based finance company. Our mission is to provide indirect auto loans to independent and franchised auto dealers. That way, dealers can provide financial assistance to their customers with a not perfect Credit. We firmly concentrate on building relationships with our Dealers and to provide superior customer services.

About Us

Line Capital is a leading provider of the automotive financing services industry. Line Capital pioneered the specialist consumer sub-prime auto loan market in United States and has become a well recognized and respected lending institution when it comes to car finance..
Line Capital offers a wide range of competitive financing options, allowing our dealers to finance most of their potential customers.

Our mission is to be positioned throughout United States as the customer’s first choice of automotive financing programs. Growing and nurture strong relationships with dealers and deliver personalized solutions to our customers.

The credit guidelines of Line Capital regulated loan product have been developed over many years and have been designed to streamline the approval process for consumers with established credit and to scale-up verification for consumers whose circumstances fall outside the guidelines of mainstream lenders or are credit impaired.

We firmly believe that people are our most valuable asset. Integrity, teamwork and delivering quality is our priority. We ensure our clients well-being above all, delivering the best service possible.

If you have any questions or need more information please visit our FAQ section.

Benefits to your dealers

Line Capital knows that in the competitive world of auto finance it is essential to work with a stable, reliable lender who can give you support for all your financing needs. Line Capital gives you the ability to deal with a full service lender including the servicing of your loans. With a client base that extends throughout the United States we have the knowledge and experience to provide your clients with the level of quality service they demand and deserve.

Competitive discounts and strong advance rates.

Quick and precise dealer funding.

Finance programs based on year & mileage.

Offer customers multiple options to successfully make car payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our offices at………………… A customer representative will be more than happy to help you with any doubt that you may have in regards with your loan.

Please contact our collections department to request your payoff amount, which will include any fees that have been incurred throughout the loan. If paid, the title will be released to the customer and no Lienholder will longer appear in the title.

Once you’ve submitted your loan application, approval is conditional pending credit checks and verification of the information you have supplied. Approval is usually obtained within ….. hours, subject to satisfactory credit checks and verification of financial information. Your Loan Account Manager can provide more information about documenting your loan and the settlement process.

If there are any extra payments, the money will go towards the principal balance and therefore the loan’s term will be shortened.

Contact Line Capital offices as soon as possible. The insurance department will guide you through the steps that need to be followed in order to avoid any future inconveniences.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible of any outstanding balance at any time. If the vehicle has been totaled, contact LC offices and provide us with your insurance information in order to start with a claim. LC will start working towards the settlement with the insurance company, and subsequently we will proceed with the GAP insurance. You can contact our offices at any time to know the status of any claim.

You will need to contact our collections department in order to get a payoff quote. You should also inform us the name of the dealership in which the trade in will be taking place. That will allow us to proceed with the necessary paperwork to release the title once we receive full payment.

The title will be released and sent by Line Capital once the vehicle has been fully paid off.

Since every state has its own laws and requirements, then contacting the local DMV offices will be necessary. Once we receive the information from the local titling agency, we will begin with the process of transferring the title.

If your vehicle has been repossessed, full loan payment will be required in order to retrieve the vehicle back. Please keep in mind that this payment needs to be done within the period that the state imposes, otherwise vehicle will be sold in a public auction or through other means.
In some cases, you might be eligible to reinstate your vehicle, as long as you comply with LC In those cases, amount owed at the time plus any repossession fees will need to be paid in order to reinstate loan.
Please contact our offices for further information about repossessions.

  1. Bank deposit (cash)
  2. Phone payment (card)
  3. Store payment (cash, card)

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